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IBD Top 10

FULL TITLE: Speak up! The top 10 shared research priorities from patients, caregivers, and clinicians in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease | Dr. Anthony Otley | IWK Health Centre | 

"I was asked to produce a series of motion graphics explainer videos and infographics to help people better understand what we DO know about IBD and what we still DON'T know. Not only did I get to create content surrounding a cause that I'm passionate about, but I also got to work with my husband, Peter Steinke, who did all of the voice over recordings and sound design. I can't thank Dr. Anthony Otley and his team at IWK Health Centre enough (and everyone involved with The Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network!) The first video has received special commendation in the IHDCYH Talks video competition for 2018."

- Alex Steinke (Producer)




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